Ideal Cures Introduces – Natural Sodium alginate based delayed release formulations System

Ideal Cures Introduces – Natural Sodium alginate based delayed release formulations System

MUMBAI, INDIA (May 21st , 2012) – Ideal Cures Pvt. Ltd. an Indian research based pharmaceutical excipient organization will launch its newly developed delayed release delivery system Instanute DR in Vitafoods Europe in Geneva on 22nd May 2012. On pre-launch occasion Suresh Pareek, Managing Director (Ideal Cures) and one of the inventor said that, Instanute DR is a path breaking product for delaying the release of the active ingredients having wide applicability in nutraceutical, food and dietary supplement industry. Instanute DR is ready to use enteric coating product and will help in maintaining efficacy of the active ingredient which are sensitive to high acidic pH in stomach. Through the use of Instanute DR, scientists will be able to program the release profile of the active ingredients ranging from 20-120 minutes. This is the first time Alginic Acid based composition has been developed to delay the release of drugs by film coating.

Speaking to the research scientists Chetan Rajsharad, Vice-President R&D Ideal Cures India and one of the inventors based in Mumbai stated that, Instanute DR product is based on natural polymer which is GRAS compliance meeting all requirements at par with regulatory approvals.

Emphasizing Instanute DR product range Dario Luini, Area Manager Ideal Cures Europe, and also one of the inventor of the product mentioned that presently in Europe delayed release or enteric release is achieved by use of Shellac or Starch based product and there is no fully ready to use material available for industry. It is also noted by industry professionals that Shellac and Starch based product have many-many limitations in terms of production and as well as product stability and face strict evaluation approval for GRAS compliance status.

Instanute DR is already tested extensively on some products such as Mint Oil and Fish Oil soft-gel capsules exhibiting programmable release profile of 60 minutes to 120 minute. It has also been tested on Creatine and Chili extract tablets for control release profile of 45 minutes to 60 minutes. Instanute DR is also experimented successfully in herbal products, Ten Herb tablet was showing delayed release profile of 60 minutes to 120 minutes. Other volatile and less stable products like Vitamin B complex with Metionin combination displayed delayed release profile ranging 60 minutes, 100 minutes and 120 minutes depending on coating weight gain applied on tablets.

Instanute DR seems to be a major pinnacle breakthrough technology in comparison to shellac and starch based compositions. Some of the highly volatile multivitamin product might face stability issues using Shellac based product whereas Instanute DR will overcome the problem and could be used for tablets as well as soft-gel capsules, MUPS, caplets etc. for controlling release profile. Film formed through Instanute DR is insoluble at pH less than 3 and is soluble above pH 3, while other comparative product using pre-gelatinized starch, Shellac perform as just insoluble physical barriers.

The release of the active ingredient can be programmed to be either in stomach (after a pre-determined time interval) or in the intestine (after 2 hours of consumption by the patient – like enteric release). Thus the release of the active ingredient can be delayed from 20 minutes to 120 minutes. Instanute DR thus offers a flexibility of use at customer requirements to delay release in the range of 20-120 minutes.

With successful development of this product Ideal Cures fulfilled its promise to provide pinnacle performance product to Nutraceutical industry having wide applicability. Ideal Cures pvt. Ltd. driven by it VISION is commitment towards improvement in development of world class coating compositions, thereby improving standards of health care industry products.

Ideal Cures is self-sustaining Indian Organization with Global reach to more than 36 countries with subsidiary Ideal Cures Europe SRL, Europe.  Ideal Cures has three cGMP manufacturing plants in India providing world-class support to Indian as well as foreign pharmaceutical organizations. Ideal Cures Pvt. Ltd. is perceived as major alternate supplier for the film coating system by many multinational companies, which offers them superior technical services and support with competitive product prices. Ideal Cures has reputation of meeting quality requirement at par of pharmaceutical industry and regulatory bodies. Ideal Cures has spent a decade in its relentless pursuit of excellence in finding tailor-made excipients and coating solutions for solid dosage forms. From ready to use Film Coating Systems, Modified release Technologies, NDDS and Acrylic Pharma Polymers to Extended Cooling Boosters and Neutral Spheres.

Press Release by Mr. Suresh Pareek managing Director Ideal Cures Pvt Ltd., Mumbai, India

For further information please contact –

Customer Relations at Ideal Cures Pvt. Ltd.
Phone:- 91 22 42688700


India HO and Technical Center:- A-223 to A-229, 2nd Floor, Virwani Industrial Estate, Off Western Express Highway, Goregaon (East), Mumbai-400 063, India

Europe SRL:- Ideal Cures Europe SRL, Via Quintiliano, 30 ; 20138- Milano Italy.


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