Ideal Cures Launches INSTACOAT E Series Film Coating Systems Having Ultra-Fast Coating Offering Economical & Ecological Benefits

Brochure Insta coat E-series

In continuation with its efforts to support pharmaceutical industry with the innovative products for film coating of tablets, Ideal Cures Pvt. Ltd an India based excipient manufacturing organization, introduces a new line of film coating materials under the brand Instacoat E Series. The products in E Series are a complete solution to the customer’s expectations for an ideal material. The philosophy behind E Series is Economic and Ecological (environmental and user friendly).

New e-series is a range of high performance coating products developed under Instacoat brand and consist of four coating systems.

Instacoat EHP 250 High Performance Aqueous Film coating System
Instacoat EMB Efficient Moisture Barrier Aqueous Film Coating System
Instacoat EEN Optimized Weight Gain Hydro-alcoholic Enteric Film Coating System
Instacoat EHA High Adhesion Aqueous Film Coating System

This will be launched in the coming CPhI Mumbai (Nov’ 30 – Dec’ 2, 2011), at Booth G28, expert team of scientists will discuss product benefits. INSTACOAT EHP 250 is a single polymer (PVA- Poly-Vinyl Alcohol) based fully aqueous coating system. The best advantage offered by the material is that the coating can be completed in less than 50% of the time, currently required with best of the materials available in the market. The product will be moderately priced, which will be suited to practically all the drug substances. The energy and time requirements are going to be reduced to very low due to fast drying of the material and the process-ability at a very high concentration and faster spray rates. The moisture barrier offered by the film coating is going to be much superior, which should help people to review the packaging components for coat savings.

Other products in the E Series spectrum are EMB, EEN and EHA. EMB is specifically developed for exclusive moisture barrier properties for highly moisture sensitive drugs, as an aqueous and fast coating system. EEN is optimized enteric coating achieved with minimum weight gain for the enteric or delayed release products. EHA is a high adhesion, immediate release HPMC based film coating system. Therefore, disintegration time and dissolution rates of the tablets products are not affected with film coatings using EHP 250 and EMB. Upon experimentation, it was noted that disintegration of the EHP and EMB film coated tablet is not affected even at a coating weight gain upto 4%.

Process Parameters
for a trial lot of 2 
kg tablets in a 12”
conventional pan
EHP 250 
PVA Based
HPMC Based 
HPMC Based 
Organic Solvent
Reconstitution percentage (% w/w) 25 20 11 5
Spray Rate (g/min.) 4 4 4 10
Wt. of coating
dispersion sprayed (g) 200 250 455 1000
Total spray time
(mins.) 50 63 115 100
Proposed weight gain 2 – 2.5% 2 – 2.5% 2 – 2.5% 2 – 2.5%
(% w/w)
Inlet and Bed Temp.
(deg. C)
60-70; 40-42 60-70; 40-42 60-70; 38-42 55-60; 35-40
Pan Speed (rpm) 18 – 20 18 – 20 18 – 20 18 – 20
Air Pressure (kg/cm2) 2 – 3 2 – 3 2 – 3 2.5 – 3.5
Time Saved (%) 20% 57% 50%

Speaking on the pre-launch occasion at a gathering Mr. Suresh Pareek, Managing Director said that, “This 4th generation film coating system will define the new standards of film coating systems. While others have been stumbling to develop and copy the 3rd generation coating system, we are launching Instacoat E Series. It definitely moves the bar ahead for the competition and will likely cause them to go back to the labs yet again.”

Ideal Cures is confident of the wider acceptability of these products, where scientifically it has been evaluated that the products are going to have an improved stability, longer shelf life and significant savings coupled with productivity.

Ideal Cures is an Indian company with international presence in more than 40 countries having it’s subsidiary company Ideal Cures Europe SRL, Europe and has three cGMP manufacturing plants along with modern R&D facilities at Mumbai, Vasai (India) and Milan (Italy). Ideal Cures has spent a decade in its relentless pursuit of excellence in finding tailor-made excipients and coating solutions for solid dosage forms. From ready to use Film Coating Systems, Modified release Technologies, NDDS and Acrylic Pharma Polymers to Extended Cooling Boosters and Neutral Spheres.

The product portfolio comprises INSTACOAT ready-to-use film coating systems, INSTANUTE coating technology for nutraceuticals and dietary supplements, ECOPOL range of Pharma Acrylic Polymer’s, ECOCOOL brand of cooling compounds, ESPHERES range of sugar, MCC, silicon & calcium carbonate spheres.

Ideal Cures Pvt. Ltd

Customer Relations at Ideal Cures Pvt. Ltd.
+91 22 42688700


We provide information and advice to our customers onapplication technologies and regulatory matters to the best of our knowledgeand ability, but without obligation or liability. Existing laws and regulationsare to be observed in all cases by our customers.

This also applies in respect to any rights of third parties.Our information and advice do not relieve our customer of their ownresponsibility for checking the suitability of our products for the envisagedpurpose.

None of the products will be supplied to countries in whichit could be in conflict with existing patents. However the final responsibilitylies exclusively with the Buyer.


About idealcures
Ideal Cures, a young company in the field of tablet coating, film coating system for solid oral doses forms has established itself, as a reliable source for all your pharmaceutical, nutraceuticals, ayurvedic, herbal, and chinese medicines film coating needs.

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